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From 2015 onwards, PAROC is engaged in the training of lay leaders, clergy and religious with a special emphasis on accompaniment, family-centered pastoral ministry and participatory leadership. We have hitherto conducted more than hundred short courses. Our training programmes are praxis-oriented to equip the participants with skills that enhance their pastoral efficiency. PAROC Research Institute would like to offer Certificate in Youth Animation for youth leaders, lay leaders, religious and clergy as well as seminarians who are interested. The objective of this six month training programme is to equip youth animators for coordinationg and acccompanying youth. Those who complete the course successfully will be awarded a Certificate from PAROC Research Institute.


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Title of the Course
Certificate in Youth Animation
Who can participate?
Youth leaders, Lay leaders, Religious engaged in youth ministry in parishes, organizations and in dioceses. Besides, priests as well as seminarians who are interesed in this course are welcomed.
Medium of the Course
Focus of The Course
Equipping Youth Animators for Coordinationg and Accompanying Youth.
Expected Course Outcome
  1. To equip youth leaders who will work effectively toward the objectives of the youth ministry.
  2. To guide youth to explore their abilities and talents and develop a Christian perspective on choosing a vocation.
  3. To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person
  4. To maintain a viable youth ministry, relevant to the demands of contemporary youth culture
  5. To assist youth in becoming responsible, productive, successful adults through a complete holistic program
  6. To help youth leader to develop a deeper understanding of their purpose, their mission and values 
Duration of the Course
6 months (March 2024 - September 2024)
Plus Two
Pre-recorded Audio/ Video Lessons, Contact Classes via online, Self-learning class notes, online debates, book/video reviews, paper presentations, field works, and Live and Learn – which is a residential training programme.
70% of online contact classes.
Programme Structure:
The Certificate Program includes 6 modules. Besides, a book review and three day residential training Session (optional). Each module includes 4 sub-topics. Each module include (a) 2-3 video lessons of 20 - 30 minutes duration (b) 2 Contact classes of 20-30 minutes duration (c) Materials for Reading.
70% of online contact classes.
Evaluation of the Course
Exams/ Paper works/Internship/Book Review 
Course Fee
Registration: Rs 2000
Residential Programme (three days): Charges Apply (Optional - only to be paid later)
Board of Studies (2022-2023)
  1. Bishop Mar Tony Neelankavil, (Chairman), PAROC,
  2. Dr. Saijo Thaikkattil (Executive Director, PAROC),
  3. Fr. Hadly Neelankavil (Coordinator of the Certificate Programme),
  4. Dr. Paul Pulikkan,
  5. Dr. Rose Anitha FCC,
  6. Prof. Mary Regina,
  7. Dr. Ambrose Puthenveettil,
  8. Dr. Sajan Pindiyan,
  9. Dr. Bilju Vazhappilly,
  10. Dr. Benny Neelankavil,
  11. Dr. Alex Marottickal
Awarding of Certificate
After successful Completion of the Course, the participants will be awarded Certificate from the PAROC.
Important Features
Praxis based lessons
Skill oriented programmes
Pre-recorded audio/video lessons
Online contact classes
Paper presentations
Debates, Book reviews
Residential training programme
Experts from various fields to lead the sessions
Medium - Malayalam
Resource Persons

1.Mar Tony Neelankavil, 2. Edward Edezuth, 3. Fr. Sebastian Puthen, 4. Fr. Jiju Arakkathara, 5. Fr. Jacob Chakkathara, 6. Fr. Tijo Mullakkara, 7. Fr. Sijohn Kuzhikkattumyalil, 8. Fr. Francis Karakkattu SDB, 9. Fr. Christeen Chirammel, 10. Fr. Cijo Chennadan CMI, Fr. Raju Akkara, Fr. Mathew Thriuvalil, 12. Fr. Bitaju Puthenpurakkal, 13. Fr. Toby

14. Dr. Saijo Thaikkattil, 15. Fr. Jerin Arimboor, 16. Dr. Paul Pulikkan, 17. Dr. Rose Anitha FCC, 18. Prof. Mary Regina, 19. Dr. Ambrose Puthenveettil, 20. Dr. Sajan Pindiyan, 21. Dr. Bilju Vazhappilly, 22. Dr. Benny Neelankavil, 23. Dr. Alex Marottickal, 24. Fr. Hadly Neelankavil


Themes Dealt within the Diploma Programme
Foundations of Christian Youth Minstry
  1. To introduce the students to this CertificateProgramme and provide basic orientation
  2. To have a basic understanding of Christian Youth Minstry
  1. Current Issues in Youth 
  2. Assessing Aptitudes, Dispositions and Skills for Youth Minister 
  3. Social Setting – Culture of Change 
  4. Biblical and Theological Foundations - Christus Vivit of Pope Francis
Animating the Christian Youth Organizations
  1. To prepare zealous formators for handing various youth organizations
  2. To develop necessary pedagogies, methods and skills for outreaching youth at campus and parishes
  1. Strategies for Youth Outreach 
  2. Campus Ministry
  3. Christian Youth Organizations - Parish/Diocesan
  4. Youth away from the Christian Life and New Evangelization of Youth 
Ministering to Youth in Crisis
  1. To introduce the basic principles of crisis management
  2. To explore principles and practices in caring of emotional-addictive behaviours of youth
  1. Foundational Principles of Crisis Response
  2. Caring for Youth with Emotional Behaviours
  3. Caring for Youth with Addictive Behaviours
  4. The Accompaniment of Youth in Relationship Crisis
Communication Skills for Youth Minister
  1. To equip the participants to animate the various areas and levels of communication skills
  2. To explore different modern skills 
  1. Interpersonal Communication
  2. Media and Technology
  3. Digital Discipleship 
  4. Public Speaking Skills  
Organizational Dynamics and Challenges
  1. To prepare the participants to lead and guide various youth organizations in family units, associations etc.
  2. To equip them for overcoming various challenges in leading a group.



  1. Planning
  2. Team building
  3. Ethical Issues
  4. Conflict Management


Discipleship in Youth Ministry: Formation of Youth to be Christian Leaders
  1. Enrich with leadership qualities and to grow to be a Christian leader
  2. Enable them to be the witness of Christ, the Leader


  1. Spiritual Direction and Vocational Guidance
  2. Adolescents Faith Formation
  3. Empowering Youth to be Leaders
  4. Empowering Youth to be Witness
Youth Ministry Internship 
  1. Focus on both the programming and leadership aspects of youth ministry.
  2. It will be a sharing and evaluating of an experience at an approved site. 
Payment Options 
For Further Information Contact:
Fr. Hadly Neelankavil   : +91 949  689 58 03
PAROC Office  : +91 807 803 03 00
Email  : paroc.marymatha@gmail.com