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PAROC Research Institute, continuing academic programmes in socio-pastoral field, that derive from on-the-ground experience and research, would like to offer a diploma programme exclusively for priests.  Diploma in Parish Animation, seeks to equip priests for collaborative expressions of teamwork in the parishes. Besides, it aims to enhance their socio-spiritual-pastoral skills that will help them in developing an integral personality for evangelizing their community.  It is our intention that Diploma in Parish Animation will be dynamic and transformational, answering to the changing needs of parishes as they continue to evolve and emerge.

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Title of the Course
Diploma in Parish Animation
Who can participate?
Religious/Diocesan Priests from the three Rites of the Kerala Church who are working in a parish/who are interested in the parish pastoral ministry. Maximum number of participants is limited to 35.
Medium of the Course
What do you learn?
  • Theoretical foundations for a fruitful parish pastoral ministry.
  • The skills for the effective management of collaborative ministry, finding out, forming, and animating lay-religious leaders who can share leadership with you.
  • The faithful and fruitful faith formation.
  • Organizing outreach, and social programmes adapting to the policies and regulations as an ecclesial communion.
  • Effective methods for handling operational tasks focused on financial management.
  • Enhancing the socio-spiritual -pastoral skills to changing pastoral situation
Duration of the Course
10 months (September 2022 - June 2023)
Format of the Programme
Pre-recorded Audio/Video lessons, contact classes via online, self-learning class notes, online debates, book/video reviews, paper presentations, field works, Residential leadership training programme.
Residential Training Programme
As the part of the Diploma Programme, a three day residential training programme is recommended. A few themes of the course will be discussed in these days. Workshops, Group activities, Personal awareness sessions, interactive lessons will enrich the participants. 
Course Fee
Rs. 3000 for Registration. Rs. 500 for certificate of Chair for Christian studies, university of Calicut. Residential Programme - Rs. 4000 (For three days, including food, lodging and programme fee).
Programme Structure:
The Diploma in Parish Animation includes 10 Topics. Each topic includes 4 sub-topics. Each sub-topic includes (a) 2-3 video/audio lessons of 20 - 30 minutes duration = 12 lessons for a topic (b) 4 online Contact classes of 20-30 minutes duration (c) Materials for Reading. A book review and a three-day residential training programme are also the part of this course.  
70% of online contact classes.
Evaluation of the Course
Exams/Paper works/Field works
Board of Studies (2022-2023)
1. Bishop Mar Tony Neelankavil, (Chairman), PAROC, 2. Dr. Saijo Thaikkattil (Executive Director, PAROC), 3. Fr. Leo Puthur (Coordinator of the Diploma Course), 4. Dr. Paul Pulikkan, 5. Dr. Sr. Rose Anitha FCC, 6. Prof. Mary Regina, 7. Dr. Ambrose Puthenveettil, 8. Dr. Sajan Pindiyan, 9. Dr. Bilju Vazhappilly, 10. Dr. Benny Neelankavil 11. Dr. Alex Marottickal
Awarding of Certificate
After successful Completion of the Course, the participants will be awarded Diploma certificate from the PAROC Research Institute and from the Chair for Christian Studies & Research, University of Calicut.
Important Features
Praxis based lessons
Skill oriented programmes
Pre-recorded audio/video lessons
Online contact classes
Field works, Paper presentations
Debates, Book reviews
Self-learning class notes, Case studies and Group activities
Residential leadership training programme
Personal accompaniment and mentoring to participants
Experts from various fields to lead the sessions
Medium - Malayalam
Themes Dealt within the Diploma Programme
Animating the Parish - Principles and Approaches
  1. To know the parish in its socio-pastoral context.
  2. To have a better understanding of the biblical, theological and canonical foundations of parish and its administration.
  1. Socio-pastoral context of the parish ministry.
  2. Biblical and theological understanding of parish.
  3. The parish as social organization.
  4. Historical and canonical foundations of parish animation.
Behavioural Designing to be a Good Pastor
  1. Developing personal skills and attitude for fruitful pastoral ministry.
  2. Understanding of the limits and prospects of your behavioural pattern.
  1. Fundamental Dynamics of human behaviour.
  2. Understanding and responding to basic emotional needs.
  3. Motivation in the Personal Life and work.
  4. Affective maturity.                
  5. Psycho-spiritual factors affecting pastors.
Enhancing Spiritual Life and Competences
  1. To enhance your spirituality and spiritual life.
  2. To equip oneself to guide a community or group spiritually.
  1. Spirituality of a parish priest.
  2. Preparing oneself and community for liturgical celebration.
  3. Psycho-spiritual-pastoral mentoring.
  4. Principles and methods of spiritual direction.
Strategic and operational Leadership
  1. Enrich leadership qualities for parish animation.
  2. To introduce different leadership models.
  1. Skills for team building and motivating.
  2. Planning and organizing different projects, events and ministries.
  3. How to train and guide employees and leaders in your parish.
  4. Safe working environment in parishes.
Pastoral Communication and Knowledge Management
  1. To enhance personal communication skills in an ecclesiastical setting.
  2. To develop pedagogies, methods and skills for communication.
  1. Communication in an ecclesial setting. Principles and skills.
  2. Non-violent communication.
  3. Socializing strategies.
  4. Digital services and platforms.
Financial Planning and Administration of temporal Goods in the Church
  1. To explore the different dimensions of the financial administration.
  2. To have a better knowledge of financial planning and budgeting.
  1. Temporal administration of the parishes: Theological and canonical perspectives.
  2. Financial planning and budgeting.
  3. Accounting: principles and practices.
  4. Governance structures of a parish.
Ecclesial Decision Making I: Decision Making Process
  1. To equip the participants to animate the discussions and meetings.
  2. To have better theoretical understanding of the processes involved in the decision making.
  1. Decision making in the Church - Theological and Canonical and Socio-economic Considerations.
  2. Preparations for decision making process.
  3. Animating Discussions/Meetings.
  4. Pastoral sensitivity.
Ecclesial Decision Making II: Crisis management
  1. To develop skills for overcoming personal and institutional crises.
  2. To build up capacity for convergence of opinions and interests.
  1. Introduction to the context and process of crisis management.
  2. Learning communication skills for crisis time.
  3. Converting challenges to opportunities.
  4. Skills for negotiation and building up unity.
Ecclesial Decision Making III: Implementing Strategies
  1. Skills for guiding a community to new policies and strategies.
  2. Learn methods to evaluate your pastoral ministries and strategies.
  1. Motivating parish community.
  2. Managing the implementation of decisions.
  3. Change management -sustainability and scalability.
  4. Result based monitoring.
PAROC Socio-Pastoral Method
  1. To equip the participants for the effective use of the PAROC Socio-Pastoral Method in their pastoral fields.
  2. To develop the skills for pastoral planning.
  1. Evolution and Importance of this method.
  2. Social sciences and pastoral care.
  3. Preparing for qualitative and quantitative study in a parish.
  4. Pastoral planning and execution.
Payment Options 
For Further Information Contact:
Fr. Leo Puthur
PAROC Office
 : +91 807 806 50 72
 : +91 807 803 03 00
 : paroc.marymatha@gmail.com