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Affective Maturity in Consecrated Life
A Training Programme for Priests and Religious
DBCLC, Thrissur, 11-15 January 2022

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Important Themes Key Features 
  • Psychosexual and Celibate Integration and Spirituality
  • How to overcome and help others overcome the Problems and Challenges? (Pornography, Masturbation, Homosexuality, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse)
  • Celibate Friendships and Heterosexual Attachment Dynamics
  • Sex, Sexuality, Intimacy and Celibate Chastity
  • Growing in Psychosexual and Celibate Maturity
  • Understanding and Respecting Sexual and Celibate Boundaries
  • Dual Relationships
  • Healing from the Effects of Sexual Abuse
Key Features 
  • Intervention Activities, Self Assessment, Skill Development, Interactive Sessions ... 
Resource Person: Rev. Dr Jose Parappully SDB
Clinical Psychologist & Psychological and Organisational Development Consultant. MA in Pastoral Counselling from Loyola University, Chicago; PhD in Clinical Psychology from California
Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, USA. Founder-Director of Bosco Psychological Services in New Delhi and the Sumedha Centre for Psycho-Spiritual Wellbeing, Uttarakhand. Founding President of the Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India & President of the Salesian Psychological Association, South Asia. 


DBCLC, Thrissur
Date & Time
2022 January 11 - January 15
Course Fee
6000/- per person (Including Food   and Accommodation)
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For Further Information 
Fr. Sajan Pindiyan
PAROC Office
 : +91 940 028 06 25
 : +91 940 028 06 25