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Important Themes &  Key Features 
  • Process, Relevance, Need and Advantages of Spiritual Direction 
  • Qualities and Role of the Spiritual Director
  • Signs of growth in Spiritual Life
  • Different stages in Spiritual Journey (Prayer) - Discernment and Direction in each Stage
  • Interactive Sessions, Skill Development, Self-Assessment ...
Resource Person
Rev. Dr. Peter Chakiath OCD
DBCLC, Thrissur
Date & Time
2022 December 09, 9:00 AM - December 10, 4:30 PM
Course Fee
Rs 1800/- (Including Food and Accommodation)
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For Further Information 
Fr. Sajan Pindiyan
PAROC Office
 : +91 940 028 06 25
 : +91 807 803 03 00
 : paroc.marymatha@gmail.com