The Forum of Experts in Social Science


Our society is undergoing a number of social changes. Structural changes, new social movements, strategic fundamentalism, influence of social media, onset of many pandemics etc. have led to a radical change in the social-personal-family life of the modern society. Social changes do bear a great role in designing our care for family, society and persons. Therefore, PAROC Research Institute of the Archdiocese of Trichur  formulate a Forum of Experts from various branches of Social Sciences in order to engage in research to analyze the social changes, its factors and impacts thereby to implement contextual application of the pastoral care.

The Forum of Experts in Social Science is an initiative to ensure the collaboration of expertises from different branches of social science. The forum will be engaging in continuous community research programs through the gathering of data, analysis, and dissemination of findings. 
Participants: We invite all the postgraduates and holders of doctorates in the various branches of the Social Sciences enlisted below. 1) Anthropology, 2) Geography, 3) History, 4) Human Resource Development, 5) Social Psychology 6) Economics 7) Social statistics 8) Social Work 9) Sociology 10) Mass Communication 11) Law 12) Political Science 13) Data Science.